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Annual Water Quality Report

LUS Lafayette LA

While producing an average of 22 million gallons per day, LUS has provided safe, clean drinking water for more than 100 years. In fact we have never had a single violation of drinking water regulations and have always strived to plan and execute the leading strategies and technologies to bring our customers quality drinking water. Our water source is the Chicot Aquifer.

LUS goes beyond simply complying with regulations. Based upon a materials inventory and investigation first conducted in 1991, LUS has no records or information indicating that there are any lines in its water distribution system containing lead. We take extra steps to ensure that water delivered to you is safe, good tasting, clean and meets our higher standards. 

The Water Quality Report is a mandate of the Environmental Protection Agency, in compliance with the 1996 amended Safe Drinking Water Act, which requires all community water systems to deliver a brief annual water quality report.

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