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Water Rates - Residential

Residential Water Service in the City of Lafayette (REVISED November 2017)

Residential Water Service outside the City of Lafayette (REVISED November 2017)

Residential Sprinkler Rate (REVISED November 2017)

Filling of Swimming Pools (REVISED November 2017)

Water Meter Installation Fee & Exceptions

A Note Regarding Rate Schedules

The rate schedules displayed on this website are provided to LUS customers for informational purposes only. The rate schedules provided electronically are not the official ordinances on file with the Lafayette Consolidated Government. If there are any discrepancies between the rate schedules displayed electronically and the official ordinances on file, the official documents will prevail. To determine if you are eligible to receive a particular rate, please call the LUS Customer Service Center at (337) 291-8280 or toll free at (800) 935-2LUS.