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LUS Lafayette LAAll municipal pretreatment programs are mandated by federal law and are in place to protect the wastewater treatment facilities, their employees, the community and the environment.

Industrial Users must first go through a permitting process and obtain approval to discharge their pre-treated, non-hazardous wastewater into the LUS wastewater collection system.

The LUS Pretreatment program oversees this permitting program and ensures compliance with the issued permits.

Please view the following documents for more information on the Pretreatment Program, and if applicable, please fill out the mandatory Industrial User Survey and return to the address listed on the form.



Owners or occupants also must properly maintain grease, oil and sand traps at all times, according to Section 94-553 (F) of the Sewers and Sewage Disposal Ordinance for the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government. Click the link below to download this ordinance.

Sewers and Sewage Disposal Ordinance O-037-2004

Guidelines for Grease Traps

All Lafayette Parish industrial users must complete an application to obtain an Industrial Waste Permit prior to discharging industrial wastewater into the LUS sewer system.

Wastewater Discharge Permit Application

Wastewater Discharge Permit Application Addendum for Metal Finishers

Metal Finishing Point Source Category Checklist

Best Management Practice (BMP) programs are available to vehicle wash racks, oilfield wash racks and hospitals if they meet certain qualifications. Some of these qualifications are listed in the documents below.

Best Management Practices for Hospitals

Best Management Practices for Vehicle Washracks

Best Management Practices for Oilfield Washracks

The LUS Pretreatment Division encourages all industries to participate in pollution prevention (P2).

Pollution Prevention for the Oilfield

Pollution Prevention for Hospitals

Pollution Prevention for Vehicle Washracks

Pollution Prevention for All Industries

The following links offers educational resources, programs, and grants for industries that want to help protect the environment.

Visit the EPA Prevention Pollution Program website

Visit the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) website