LUS Payment Arrangement

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LUS Lafayette LALooking for an inexpensive way to enhance your home's outdoor security?

LUS offers free security lighting installations on existing overhead electricity poles. The only cost to the customer is the additional electricity that the light would use. LUS can install light bulbs from 100 to 1000 watts for a service charge of $3.48 to $19.53 per month per light. Most residential security lighting only requires one 150-watt bulb. For added convenience, it can be automatically billed through your LUS utility bill.

If an electricity pole is not in the location where you need lighting, LUS can install a separate light pole, although in that case, labor and materials costs would have to be assessed to the customer.

For more information on this program, contact us at 337-291-5832.

Private Security Lighting Rate Schedule (REVISED Nov. 2016)