LUS Payment Arrangement

Report a Power Outage: 337.291.9200

Rates - As an LUS customer, you pay some of the lowest rates in Louisiana. LUS is proud to offer these competitive rates while continuing to provide reliable and high-quality services, all with our customers in mind.

Reliability - Each day our employees are working to keep your lights on and your water flowing. Efficient system design, system maintenance programs, and employee safety practices help us provide our customers with highly reliable utility and telecommunications services.


As compared with the Louisiana Public Service Commission goals, LUS customers typically experience fewer outages than other customers throughout Louisiana. When circumstances arise that cause our customers to experience power interruptions, you can be assured that we are there working to maintain our record of restoring power faster than other Louisiana utilities.

Water Production and Distribution

Water is a critical resource for both consumption and fire protection. We strive to provide our customers with a high-quality and plentiful supply of water derived from the Chicot Aquifer. LUS has backup electrical generation at our major water treatment and distribution plants in order to maintain service to our customers all day, every day.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

You can be assured that we collect and treat wastewater to meet environmental regulations. LUS has installed backup electrical generators at various lift stations and wastewater treatment plants throughout the city. This additional power supply aids us in maintaining a reliable treatment process of discarded water to prevent system backups.

LUS Fiber Video, Internet and Phone Telecommunications

LUS Fiber is committed to providing enhanced television programming, the fastest Internet speeds and crystal-clear phone services over Lafayette's only 100% Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) network. We are continuing LUS's tradition of providing quality and reliable services at competitive prices to our community.