LUS Payment Arrangement

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General My Account Questions

How secure is my information?

All of your data is protected with digital certificates using 128-bit SSL encryption. A digital certificate is a form of electronic ID card that supports public key encryption technology. These certificates are attached to all your messages and they serve to verify the sender's identity and to provide the recipient with the means to encode a response.

I tried to access My Account but the system was unavailable.

LUS My Account will be temporarily unavailable each day from 2:00 a.m. until 4:00 a.m. for system maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Why do I always have a prompt requesting me to allow a SSL root certificate?

Your computer doesn't have the latest root certificate. To avoid this issue, you should update your SSL root certificate. If you choose not to make these updates, then you will have to accept the certificate each time you attempt to log-in.

Registration & Account Information

What is my Account ID?

Your account ID is the same as your account number, located at the top left of your paper bill. If you can't find your account number or don't receive a paper bill, you can get your account number by calling a LUS Customer Service Representative at (337) 291-8280.

Can I use the same User ID if I need to enroll for access to multiple accounts?

No, each User ID must be unique. Each User ID is associated with one primary account holder. All accounts associated with that primary account holder will be displayed.

Can more than one User ID be used to access the same account?

No, each LUS account may only be accessed with a single User ID.

I have more than one LUS account that I would like to access. Can I view multiple accounts with the same User ID and password?

You can view multiple accounts with one User ID and password as long as you are the primary account holder on each account.

Is access to any LUS account limited to a single individual?

Access to a LUS account is limited to association with a single User ID and password. If more than one individual needs to access account information, each individual can use the same User ID and password simultaneously.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, we can send you a new password by e-mail. Click on "Password Hint" located at the bottom of the sign-in screen. Be sure to have your exact e-mail address used during your initial registration. A new password will be emailed to you. Login using the new password.

To change your password to one that is more memorable, click the "Change My Password" link on the menu. For additional assistance, contact LUS customer service at (337) 291-8280 (or, from outside Lafayette, call toll-free at 1-800-935-2LUS).

What if I forget my User ID?

To ensure security of your account information, you must contact LUS Customer Service at (337) 291-8280 (or toll-free at 1-800-935-2LUS from outside Lafayette) during normal business hours.

What information is required in order to register for the first time?

To register as a new user, you need a valid email address, your account number, and the service address zip code.

To register as a new user, commercial customers must have a valid email address, account number, and the service address zip code.

What is a valid User ID and password?

Your User ID and password should be something that you can easily remember. The following requirements enable you to create a password that will help you maintain the security and privacy of your LUS account. Non-dictionary passwords promote better security.

Your User ID and password are case sensitive and must:

  • Contain letters and/or numbers, no symbols or characters
  • Do not include spaces or special characters
  • Do not be identical
  • There must be a minimum of four characters

When I try to enroll, why am I getting a message saying there is no record of my LUS account?

Make sure the Account ID being entered is exactly the same as it appears on your LUS bill. Make sure the Social Security number or Employer Identification number being entered is of the primary account holder and contains the appropriate dashes. If you are still unable to enroll, contact the LUS Customer Service Division at (337) 291-8280 to determine if your social security number or tax identification number are correctly listed on your account.

Will I be able to modify the information I provided during online registration?

Yes, you will be able to change your password by clicking "Change My Password" on the menu. To change your User ID, contact LUS Customer Service at (337) 291-8280 (or from outside Lafayette, call toll-free at 1-800-935-2LUS) during normal business hours.

Will I have to re-enroll if my name or billing address changes?

No, as long as you are still the primary account holder. Simply continue using your same User ID and password, and the above information will be updated after you inform LUS of such changes.

Viewing & Paying Your Account

Is there a fee to pay my bill online?

There is no charge. The opportunity to pay your bill online is a convenience that LUS offers its customers.

What methods of payment can I use?

Currently, the LUS online payment system accepts MasterCard, VISA, or Discover credit or debit cards.

When will my online payment be posted to my LUS account?

With standard processing time, your online payment will be posted to your LUS account within two business days.

I have more than one LUS account. Can I pay multiple accounts in one lump sum online?

Each account must be selected and paid individually.

Can I pay my LUS Fiber bill on

No, LUS Fiber bills cannot be paid on this site. LUS and LUS Fiber are set up as separate businesses with separate billing and payment processes. Because of that, LUS cannot accept Fiber payments on its Web site. However, Fiber customers can pay their bills online at

Can I change the customer name or billing address for my LUS account online?

You cannot make these types of changes online. Please contact LUS Customer Service at (337) 291-8280 (or 1-800-935-2LUS if you are calling from outside of Lafayette) for assistance.

I cannot access my account information. What am I doing wrong?

Operating System: is best viewed using the following computer operating systems: Windows (7,8 and 10), Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Mac OS. Attempting to pay your bill online using an older operating system could result in an error. Please upgrade your operating system.

Only the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, and Edge are compatible with our online bill payment system. If you are trying to access your account using another browser, you will not be able to log on. Please try again with an appropriate browser.

Check your browser to make sure that your computer is 128 bit encrypted. This type of encryption is needed to ensure we have the highest security possible to protect your account information.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to delete cached Internet files from Internet Explorer's Temporary Internet files folder, locally-stored Web site information (otherwise known as cookies), and the history of viewed Web page addresses. Removing these cached files allows you to start a brand new Internet session. It may be necessary to clear your old session information when you are having issues connecting to your account. Typically, this is done by selecting "Tools" then "Internet Options" and performing the appropriate tasks under the "General" tab.

Please contact your browser author if you continue to experience problems.

I tried to log on, but I'm getting a message that my account doesn't exist. What happened?

Due to space limitations on our server, accounts are deleted if they go more than 90 days without activity. If you have previously registered for e-Account, but have not logged in within the past three months, it is most likely that your account was deleted. If you want to continue using e-Account, all you have to do is register again.

Why can't I pay my bill when I access the LUS Web site at work?

Many businesses have firewalls set up that block certain information from being transferred online. It's best to pay your bill from a home computer. If you must pay at work, make sure your payments are being processed by checking the "Financial History" page or by calling LUS Customer Service at (337) 291-8280 (or if you're outside of Lafayette, you can call toll-free at 1-800-935-2LUS).

I tried to pay my bill online, but I got an error message or my computer locked up. Did my payment go through?

It's possible that your payment was successful. Go to the "Financial History" page to check if your payment was processed. If it is not listed, call LUS Customer Service at (337) 291-8280 (or 1-800-935-2LUS if you're calling from outside of Lafayette).

Should I use the online bill payment system if I have received a disconnection notice or my utilities have been disconnected for non-payment?

You should not use the online payment option if you have been disconnected for non-payment. Contact a LUS customer service representative for assistance.

When will my new bill be available online?

The date your next bill will be generated is displayed on the "Account Information" page.

Why can I see my old address on my online account?

Your old address will stay on your online account for up to 24 months so that you are able to view your history. Your new address will not appear until we have billed you for usage at that address.