LUS Payment Arrangement

Report a Power Outage: 337.291.9200

LUS Lafayette LABy keeping its cost of service low, LUS is able to invest more money back into the community.

Each year, LUS makes an In-Lieu-of-Tax (ILOT) contribution to the Lafayette Consolidated Government. The LUS budget included a $24 million ILOT contribution for the fiscal year 2019. This contribution supports the cost of running the other branches of government such as fire, police, recreation and parks. Put in another way, this $22 million dollar transfer essentially equals the cost of the entire payroll of the fire and police departments. Without the LUS ILOT contribution, taxes would have to be increased or service curtailed.

As a public utilities system, LUS does not earn profits for shareholders.

The advantages of a public utility include low rates, commitment to local communities, not-for-profit operations, public accountability, local decision-making, and a customer service ethic.