LUS Payment Arrangement

Report a Power Outage: 337.291.9200

BudgetBill allows you to pay the same amount every month for your LUS services. Your bill will be calculated based on your previous 12-month history, and will give you an averaged amount to pay each month.

This service helps you to budget your monthly finances more accurately by eliminating month-to-month fluctuations in your utilities bill.

Although there are months when the BudgetBill amount will be lower than actual usage (summer months), there will also be months when the BudgetBill amount is higher than actual usage (usually spring and fall months).

Accounts will be "trued up" at the end of each 12-month period, and the following 12-month's averaged amount will be adjusted if the account used more or less utilities.

To qualify for BudgetBill:

  1. You must be a residential customer with a 12-month history at your current residence, and
  2. Your account must be current with no delinquent amounts due.

Contact a Customer Service Representative at (337) 291-8280 to determine if you qualify for BudgetBill.